Orbisphere 6110 Beverage Analyser

The Orbisphere 6110 is the ideal solution for final beverage packages analysis. The unique gas phase technology eliminates the direct contact of the sensing elements with the liquid. This reduces maintenance by eliminating hassles such as bleaching tubing and replacing valves to prevent fouling. The CO2 analysis measurement provides accurate results at any temperature, without having to warm the sample.
The instrument can also compensate CO2 results for any package Nitrogen content-a perfect choice for analysis directly at the filler. Filler troubleshooting is made easy with direct total package oxygen (TPO) and head-space oxygen measurements. The 6110 delivers repeatable analysis with minimal operator intervention. The package positioning aid with laser crosshairs confirms optimal placement and the intuitive touch-screen interface ensures product sampling is completed quickly, easily, and consistently for both line operators and lab personnel.

– Measures CO2 by both Pressure/Temperature (P/T) and True-CO2 methods, and at any temperature
– Can perform measurements on all shapes and sizes of cans and bottles
– No need for regular sensor or tubing cleaning due to unique ability to take measurements in the gas phase
– Ergonomic operation and repeatable analysis with intuitive touch screen, single push-button operation and laser package positioning.

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