BARTS Biodetectors

Biological Activity Reaction Test (BART) biodetectors are excellent diagnostic tools to help identify the presence of process disruptors. Find out if you have bacteria creating slime layers and limiting disinfection, or discover if iron-reducing bacteria are corroding your pipes. Tests for many types of bacteria are available, including sulfate-reducing bacteria, heterotropic acid, nitrifying bacteria, pool and spa bacteria, blue-green algae, and more.


Part Number
Product description
2432409 BART-Tester, Sulfate Red. Bacteria, pk/9 9 /pk
2432427 BART test, sulfate-reducing bacteria, pk/27 27 /pk
2432509 BART test, slime-forming bacteria, pk/9 9 /pk
2432527 BART test, slime-forming bacteria, pk/27 27 /pk
2619309 BART test, denitrifying bacteria, pk/9 9 /pk
2619407 BART test, nitrifying bacteria, pk/7 7 /pk
2490409 BART-Tester, Heterotrophic Aerobic Bacteria 9 /pk
2490427 BART test, heterotropic aerobic bacteria, pk/27 27 /pk
2831409 BART test for acid producing bacteria, pk/9 9 /pk
2432609 BART test, fluorescing pseudomonas, pk/9 9 /pk
2478409 BART test, pool & spa bacteria, pk/9 9 /pk


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