924x Sodium Analysers

The 9245/9240 Sodium Analyser installs easily; it requires only power and sample connections. Clear step-by-step instructions are given by the analyser to simplify operations such as instrument start-up, long-term stand-by, and reagent replenishment.
The 9245/9240 Analyser is equipped with a fully automated calibration system that uses 10 ppm samples and follows a multiple step calibration cycle to accurately calibrate the analyser. Normal maintenance consists of replenishment of the calibration solution reagents and electrolyte, typically every 100 days, and annual replacement of the reagent tube.
To maintain optimum response time, even in systems of continuous low sodium concentration, the analyser automatically reactivates the electrode using non-hazardous chemicals.
The instrument is fitted with a quick-loop valve, a constant head vessel, and minimum sample flow detection to allow for variations in sample pressure, flow, and distance from the analyser to the fresh-sample point. Grab sample can be obtained for manual calibration, accuracy verification, and measurement of one-off process samples after which, the unit returns automatically to on-line monitoring.
With a detection limit of 0.01 ppb and a range of 0 to 10,000 ppb, the 9245/9240 Sodium Analyser is ideally suited for monitoring sodium in demineralized water, boiler feed, condensate, and all parts of the steam/water cycle.
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