Gas Chromatography

Gas Chromatography
GC-7860 Network-based series Gas Chromatography
GC-7860 series network-based gas chromatography is a new digital full control gas chromatography. The instrument has fully absorbed the advanced technology of foreign similar products and adopted the leading manufacturing technology to ensure the reliability and trouble-free operation time of the instrument. It can not only maximize the normal operation time, reduce the number of maintenance, and in the structure of more concise and reasonable, simple to learn, easy to operate.
GC-7860 gas chromatography gas circuit control has two modes of manual and electronic gas circuit EPC/EFC control, advanced electronic gas circuit control (EPC/EFC) system, can provide industry users with industry-leading excellent quality and reliable results. The instrument has a unique network remote transmission and control function, so that the instrument in unattended, decentralized detection, centralized control into a reality; Data analysis results can be connected to DCS to complete the statistics, analysis and monitoring of chromatographic component content and improve the automation of the production process.
GC-7860 series gas chromatography is widely used in petrochemical, fine chemical, biological medicine,
environmental protection, food hygiene, high purity gas, electricity, wine making, scientific research and education and other fields.
All inlet and detector gas paths for the GC-7860 gas chromatography can be controlled by an electronic gas circuit (EPC/EFC) to provide better retention time and peak area accuracy. Instrument users can set various parameters such as gas flow rate, shunt ratio, external events, automatic sampler, temperature and detector through the reverse control software, and save all parameters of the analysis method. The digital circuit keeps Settings consistent between operators on each run. As a result, users can achieve better retention time reproducibility and more consistent and reliable results.
GC-7860 series network-based gas chromatography can be configured with 6-bit, 15-bit, and 150-bit liquid automatic samplers, and each parameter can be controlled by the reverse control software, which will bring better repeatability and improve work efficiency, while eliminating errors caused by manual samplers.
1. Gas analysis of pressure transformer oil (GB/T 17623-1998, DL/T 722-2000, DL/T 703-1999)
2. Air quality (TVOC, benzene, total hydrocarbon and non-methane total hydrocarbon) analysis (GB/T 50325-2001,GB/T 18883-2002, gb16927-1996); Workshop exhaust gas, flue gas analysis, and VOC, benzene and non-methane total hydrocarbon in flue gas 24 hours uninterrupted online analysis;
3. Natural gas, refinery gas, pyrolysis gas, artificial gas and other industrial gas gas analysis (simple single valve type, wide spectrum process double valve four-column economy type, wide spectrum process three valve four column practical type, wide spectrum process five valve six column high end type, three valve four column TCD type, four valve five column double TCD type, etc. In accordance with GB/T 13610-2003, UOP539, ASTM1945, ASTM D 1946 and GPA2261; Can be customized according to the user’s specific samples);
4. Safety gas analysis in underground coal mine gas chromatography (available for 24 hours continuous cycle sampling analysis of 32 points);
5. Water quality analysis (accord with GB/T 5750-2006);
6. Gas, methane analysis (H2, O2, N2, CH4, CO, CO2 six components, unique single valve sequence conversion);
7. Sulfur compounds in natural gas (unique single-valve sequence reversal method for detection of H2S, CSO, SO2 and total sulfur);
8. High purity gas analysis, electronic industrial gas analysis (minimum detectable concentration up to 10ppb);
9. Benzene and toluene in gasoline (accord with ASTM D3606; SH/T 0713-2002);
10. Analysis of oxygen-containing compounds in gasoline (accord with ASTM D4815 and SH/T 0633-1998);
11. Analysis of benzene, toluene and aromatics in gasoline (in accordance with ASTM d5580-1995, SH/
12. SOA analysis of hydrocarbon group composition in gasoline (content detection of saturated hydrocarbon, olefin, aromatic hydrocarbon and benzene, using a special olefin adsorption trap; In line with SH/T 0741-2004), PONAanalysis of single hydrocarbon in gasoline and CPNA analysis of the composition of carbon family;
13. Simulated distillation gas chromatography (accord with SH/T 0558, ASTM D5307, D3710, D6352, D2887);
14. Blood ethanol analysis (in line with the ministry of public security standard GA/ t105-1995);
15. Cigarette sticks VOC (in line with YC/T 207-2006), drug residue analysis, ethylene oxide in medical devices (in line with GB/T 16886.7-2001), solvent residue detection in packaging materials;
16. Gas chromatography for room temperature gases (CO2, CH4 and N2O, 0.1ppm-100%);
17. Catalytic evaluation, Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, high pressure and high temperature on-line analytical system (system chromatography based on requirements);
18. Process gas chromatography (industrial chromatography), sample pretreatment, analysis cabin construction, multiple flow path sample selection. (up to 32 sample options are supported), etc
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